About Us

Endaksun is the first website I had created to learn about web technology. Without any knowledge in web development, I jumped to learn coding, WordPress, Drupal etc.

I have experimented many things with this site, from installing plugins which invited Spam bots to blogging. In this small technical journey, I have learned many thing, things which I probably need in my future technical work.

Blogging is not my passion.Writing is quiet a demanding work and it is not natural to me. I am inspired by some bloggers, who are sharing there work and experience without any profits.

Endaksun is my journal, my diary of digital things that I learn and experience. Most articles will be about new DIYs, technology, startups, and marketing trends.I am documenting the work that I am learning, which may help people.


P.S : Always there to help Startups and Non-Profit Organizations.

You can e-mail me at  : info[at]endaksun.com / rafeanalytics[at]gmail[dot]com

You can get to me at:

Twitter: @rafedigital

LinkedIn: Rafe Ahmed

Skype: rafedigital




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